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Not an emulator. Not a spiritual successor. We want our games back or we want to know why! #SaveAC

Prelude to an update…


Posted this on Facebook a little while ago, thought I should share here as well…

I haven’t been active for a number of reasons of late… Personally, I’ve been dealing with some medical issues which have slowed me down. Because of that and because I wanted to work on better organizing and growing the movement I asked if anyone wanted to help and got very little in the way of responses. To be frank, with a few examples, most people were fine “liking” posts here but not really doing more than that. It’s good to support what we’re posting but more active help is needed than that to try and make a difference in the fate of AC.
At this point while I deal with other things, waiting to see what happens with the emulators as well as with Arwic Studios. If AC returns due to them that would be great though I have my doubts since the latter can’t really tell us anything (unless I’ve missed an update) and I can’t believe with the blatant way they are promoting their efforts (as much as I applaud them) the former won’t be slammed by WB’s lawyers at some point, unless some deal has been struck. Guess we’ll see, right now without much serious support for this effort going to wait and see what happens…
I will have another update soon though. Stay tuned!

Looking for Group!


Sorry to have been so quiet, things have been a little crazy in real life (whatever THAT is).

Want to start working on bringing things to the next level and could use some help. If you have some time to dedicate to trying to save our games beyond the normal quest activities, please let me know.

Thank you!

P.S. The graphic is from a Guild Wars 2 app but the characters looked a bit “ACish”. 😀

Say No to LEGO (Worlds)


We love LEGO but after the way Warner Brothers treated Asheron’s Call players we won’t be purchasing LEGO Worlds please spread the word.


The Never-Ending Battle

Today is about not just a quest but more of an ongoing mission…

It’s not enough to go out and tweet, post, email, mail, call, etc. yourself. We need to get other people involved, whether they played AC or AC2 or not.

So talk to your family, friends, co-worker, guild or clan mates, anyone who will listen about why the games were important to you. The years you spent playing them, how they made you happy… maybe you made your best friend ever or met the love of your life in these games Explain they weren’t just games but a community of people that spent years together not just playing but getting to know each other.

Ask these people to help by sharing your posts… emailing or even mailing or calling or even better, joining in the boycott to help support our cause.

Hell if your cat has a Twitter account, ask them to tweet along!

Whatever it takes, spread the word and get the support of those you talk to everyday to help us save Asheron’s Call!

Yes, the title of this post and the image used are meant to be ironic…

Still Alive!

Sorry was sick the last few days but going to try and get back on track with posting tomorrow!

Defeat is a state of mind

Doing a “180” from the naysayers I talked about yesterday to talk about the positive things people are doing to support the cause… or just to brighten our day!

Vandala Redo of Frostfell snailmailed this (and other creations) to Warner Brothers…


Rissa DeBond has been tweeting poetry about losing Asheron’s Call:

No reasons given
No explanation for us
Missing Asheron’s Call

Enduring friendships

Friends no longer seen in game 

Missing Asheron’s Call


A hole in the heart 

No more lifestones, no more Holt 

Missing Asheron’s Call

Shawn Woytowich posted this fantastic image to the Save Asheron’s Call group on Facebook (and Nikos Drakopoulos tweeted it too).



Jason Steele nailed it in a tweet:

@WarnerBrosEnt #ShadowOfWar looks great, but b/c of the Asheron’s Call debacle, I won’t buy it. Working w/ community changes minds #SaveAC

Many other people have tweeted, posted comments on Facebook, mailed, called and expressed their disappointment in Warner Brothers in other ways. Please keep it up. Your voice matters!

“Defeat is a state of mind; No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.” – Bruce Lee

There will always be someone to tell you that you are wrong


It’s been a short time since the boycott talk started but that hasn’t stopped the naysayers from coming out of the woodwork.

Some examples…

I don’t think boycotting anything will help

So tired of these post, quit worrying about WB.. Take atleast 1/4 of the effort you put into these “guerilla” tactics of boycotting and focus on the community and progress of the emulation to get the community back together.. To put it in a Zojak Quareth sense, quit bludgeoning the dead horse

You know, I can understand where you’re coming from. Really. I understand that you lost your game – the very game you’ve spent so much time and money on – but more importantly, you’ve lost friends because of this. Many of you are understandably upset, but I’ve seen a lot of vitriol from this AsheronsArmy campaign, and I think it’s silly. Going out of your way to spam WB with messages asking why, and begging for them to bring your game back isn’t going to do anything. If it’s not making them a sizable profit, a mega-company like WB isn’t going to waste their time on something like this.

Trying to light a fire under WB’s ass by having a vocal minority boycott their products isn’t going to affect them all that much. The fact is? They don’t care. If they cared, they wouldn’t have dismantled AC in the first place.

Frankly its amazing how many people out there seem to know what Warner Brothers is thinking and how they will react to talk of a boycott of their products.

The fact is, they don’t have firsthand knowledge of whether a boycott will have an effect or not… and this is just the beginning. In addition to our own posts and efforts we will reach out to other people who have been treated badly by WB as well as other gaming communities who have been treated badly like the former City of Heroes players and gather more supporters.

Maybe the naysayers are right. Maybe this is a wasted effort. But I think the games and the community deserve the effort and Warner Bros. has responded to boycotts in the past…

Most companies are worried enough about their reputations that they’ll change their behavior, even if the number of people partaking in the boycott is rather small. When boycotts receive national media attention—as 25 percent of boycotts do, King says,—a company will react, even if sales aren’t affected. For example, in 1992, when Texas policemen called for a boycott to Ice-T’s song, “Cop Killer,” people were curious about the album and sales rose, King said. But WARNER BROTHERS didn’t like the effect the album was having on its brand, so it pulled the album, “Body Count,” from shelves.

“Companies realize boycotts are not troublesome because [of] sales—they worry about the media attention they create,” he said.

From Why #DeleteUber and Other Boycotts Matter

If people want to focus on other efforts (like emulators) or just move on, that is their business. I think it is worth a shot to gather people and work on getting attention to how badly the AC community was treated and get a response from those responsible.

“Whatever you do you need courage. Whatever course you decide upon, there will always be someone to tell you that you are wrong.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks to everyone who is doing their part to help with the quests and the boycott…

Let’s keep trying to #SaveAC

Boycott Shadow of War!


Warner Brothers announced Middle-Earth: Shadow of War this week. Because of how they treated our community you should let them know you will not be buying it.

Example Tweet

Because of how badly you treated Asheron’s Call players, I will not be buying Middle-Earth:




This is a community that has been together for almost 20 years. A community that was told the games would be up forever. That were promised player-run servers for years. Whose games were shut down with no explanation. A community that had their website, forums, and social media pages all deleted the same day. That has not been able to get any significant response from the owners of Asheron’s Call since the shutdown announcement. They deleted our game and tried to delete our community so it is time to delete their games from your computer and their shows from your DVR. Don’t go to their movies or buy their products. Post on the the websites, forums, and social media of their other products and let them know you are no longer their customer and why. It is time to #BoycottWB

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