Today is about not just a quest but more of an ongoing mission…

It’s not enough to go out and tweet, post, email, mail, call, etc. yourself. We need to get other people involved, whether they played AC or AC2 or not.

So talk to your family, friends, co-worker, guild or clan mates, anyone who will listen about why the games were important to you. The years you spent playing them, how they made you happy… maybe you made your best friend ever or met the love of your life in these games Explain they weren’t just games but a community of people that spent years together not just playing but getting to know each other.

Ask these people to help by sharing your posts… emailing or even mailing or calling or even better, joining in the boycott to help support our cause.

Hell if your cat has a Twitter account, ask them to tweet along!

Whatever it takes, spread the word and get the support of those you talk to everyday to help us save Asheron’s Call!

Yes, the title of this post and the image used are meant to be ironic…