Doing a “180” from the naysayers I talked about yesterday to talk about the positive things people are doing to support the cause… or just to brighten our day!

Vandala Redo of Frostfell snailmailed this (and other creations) to Warner Brothers…


Rissa DeBond has been tweeting poetry about losing Asheron’s Call:

No reasons given
No explanation for us
Missing Asheron’s Call

Enduring friendships

Friends no longer seen in game 

Missing Asheron’s Call


A hole in the heart 

No more lifestones, no more Holt 

Missing Asheron’s Call

Shawn Woytowich posted this fantastic image to the Save Asheron’s Call group on Facebook (and Nikos Drakopoulos tweeted it too).



Jason Steele nailed it in a tweet:

@WarnerBrosEnt #ShadowOfWar looks great, but b/c of the Asheron’s Call debacle, I won’t buy it. Working w/ community changes minds #SaveAC

Many other people have tweeted, posted comments on Facebook, mailed, called and expressed their disappointment in Warner Brothers in other ways. Please keep it up. Your voice matters!

“Defeat is a state of mind; No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.” – Bruce Lee