Warner Brothers has treated loyal players of the Asheron’s Call games badly. After almost 20 years, they shut down the games with no explanation, did not deliver the long promised player-run servers, deleted the social media pages and forums which almost destroyed the community, and have not responded to numerous requests for more information on plans (if any) for the games or if they were available for purchase or licensing.

This is not how you treat people who support your games, movies, TV shows and other products. Since they refuse to respond to the community, it is time for the community to send a message by boycotting those products.

Please share your frustration on social media and tell them they have lost you as a customer for their products.

This week, Warner Bros. announced Middle-Earth: Shadow of War (sequel to Shadow of Mordor). Let them know that because of their treatment of the AC community you will NOT be purchasing this game.

From now on, every time a new WB product is announced, let them know you will not be purchasing it and why. It’s not enough to tell other people in the community how you feel, let everyone know, especially the executives at WB who have ignored our concerns.