Tweet to all the videogame (and mainstream) press accounts you can think of telling them about the situation with Asheron’s Call and Asheron’s Call 2 and how badly the community was treated and that Warner Brothers have refused to release further information about what is going on with the games or to discuss selling them.

Below are some suggested Twitter accounts:

  1. @MassivelyOP
  2. @MMORPGcom
  3. @MMOsdotcom
  4. @mmosite
  5. @pcgamer
  6. @Polygon
  7. @giantbomb
  8. @shacknews
  9. @gamespot
  10. @IGN
  11. @Kotaku
  12. @Destructoid
  13. @joystiq
  14. @arstechnica
  15. @GamesRadar
  16. @gamewire
  17. @TGN
  18. @geoffkeighley

Here is an example tweet:

@MassivelyOP As you know, Warner Brothers shut down the Asheron’s Call games with no explanation or any word since… Please help us #SaveAC

Note: Copying and pasting this tweet might add some extra spaces between lines you will have to remove. Had that problem when I did it… or maybe it’s just me!