Order of Dereth (from Asheron’s Call 2)


He was the he one who watched over us, when the whole world seemed our enemy.

He guided us, protected us. He was Asheron, the last of the Empyrean, whose magic called us here.

Through the Golden Age, he remained apart from the world, so we might follow our own path.

But when darkness threatened to swallow the land, he was there.

He gave himself for the good of all.

Asheron was no god. We do not bow to him, but we do honor his memory.

We are the Order of Dereth, sworn to follow Asheron’s ideals.

Compassion… justice… righteousness. This is our creed.

In his name, we shall rebuild the world.

Thanks to Sen’Taro of Harvestgain for the below quest idea!

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