Portal Servitor gives you Asheron’s Departure Journal and you read, “I write this entry with a troubled heart. These pages should only come to light, should only be released by my Portal Servitor, if something has gone wrong with the journey I plan to make. I have been called away from Dereth on an important task. I must go and see for myself if an ancient evil has taken grip of yet another world. I can only hope that Dereth is not imperiled by other forces while I am away. Ours is a troubled land, rich in magical energy and sitting athwart the nexus of so many pathways, visible and invisible… It has been the crossroads of conflict for millennia, and I feel as though it shall always be that way. Still, the humans of Dereth… have become a resourceful and resilient people. There has not been a threat too dire for them to overcome…” As you finish reading the journal a strange series of numbers appears in your mind.

Today’s quest is to call Time Warner Inc. (owner of Warner Bros. and Turbine) and explain that the games Asheron’s Call and Asheron’s Call 2 were shut down recently and ask when they will release information on if they are coming back or being sold to someone else.

Time Warner Inc.
  1. Ask for complaint department.
  2. You will likely get sent to an answering service.
  3. Leave a message (example below if you need one).
Example message:
“I am a long-time player of the games Asheron’s Call and Asheron’s Call 2 developed by your subsidiaries Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and Turbine, Inc. The games were shut down on January 31st, 2017. No explanation was given for the shut down and no information has been released since then regarding their future. Thousands of people have played these games for close to two decades and are very upset about how this situation was handled. We watch your movies and TV shows and buy your products. Please take the time to let us know if you plan to revive these games or sell them to someone else as currently no information has been released and people are getting frustrated and angry. Thank you.”